No. 121
13 May 1862
I have the honor to transmit to you the enclosed copy of a letter from the Master of the Mint to the Treasury with the Account therein enclosed of expenses incurred for the Refinery and Assay Office established in British Columbia. This Account shows a sum of £152.3.8 due to the Mint beyond the sum of £1800 which was provided for in the Parliamentary Grant of last year.
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The Lords Commissoners of the Treasury have paid to the Mint this excess of £152.3.8. I have to instruct you to repay the amount to their Lordships in the manner pointed out in my other instructions by the present opportunity relative to the sum of £6,900 due for the Specie supplied to the Colony last year.
I have the honor to be
Your obedient Servant
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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Royal Mint accounts, 17 March 1862, "The Refinery. British Columbia, in account with The Master of the Mint."
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Copy, Master of the Mint to Hamilton, 17 March 1862, report on the accounts of "Government Refinery and Assay Office established in British Columbia."
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