1 July 1862
I have the acknowledge the receipt of your despatch marked "Separate" of the 21st of January last, and with reference to that portion of it which relates to the rights of Great Britain, under the Treaty with Russia of the 28th of April 1825, to navigate a river flowing from British and through Russian Territory, I enclose for your information a copy of a Report of H.M.'s Advocate General.
The Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs is of opinion that it would not be expedient at present to raise any question on the subjectManuscript image with the Russian Government, and you will not of course give publicity in any way to the Report of the Queen's Advocate.
As to the Government of the Territory belonging to Great Britain, which is beyond the limits of British Columbia concerning which you ask for instructions I have to inform you that, in the opinion of H.M.'s Government, the moment has not arrived for considering the establishment of a separate Government.
I shall address you hereafter respecting the mode of providing if necessary for the temporary Administration of Justice in Gold producing territories beyond the limits of B. Columbia.
I have etc.