No. 52
2 September 1863
Adverting to my Despatch of this date forwarding a communication from Mr Young tendering the resignation of his appointment as Colonial Secretary of this Colony, with theviewManuscript image view of being confirmed as Colonial Secretary of Vancouver's Island, I have the honor in the event of Mr Young's request being complied with to place before Your Grace the name of Mr Chartres Brew, as a Successor to Mr Young.
2. Mr Brew was especially selected by Your Grace's predecessor to fill the Office of Chief Inspector ofPoliceManuscript image Police a position which in the early state of the Colony was deemed of importance and responsibility. Upon sick leave being granted last year to Captain Gosset, the Treasurer, I placed Mr Brew in charge of the Treasury, a proceeding which Your Grace approved; and in this as in the other duties which Mr Brew has discharged in the Colony he has givenmeManuscript image me unqualified satisfaction. He is possessed of discretion, of an even temper, and of mild unassuming manners, joined to good business habits, and sound common sense: Qualities which are essential in a Colonial Secretary. I therefore feel I may safely recommend Mr Brew as a gentleman who will faithfully and satisfactorily fulfill the duties of Colonial SecretaryifManuscript image if that Office be vacated by Mr Young.
3. I am not aware of Captain Gosset's movements, but as his leave has expired by more than two months, I presume that the rumours current in the Colony that he does not intend returning are correct. In such case should Your Grace appoint Mr Brew to be Colonial Secretary the Office of Treasurer willbecomeManuscript image become vacant, and for this Office I would take the liberty of recommending to Your Grace Mr Charles Good, who has for the last four years and a half served as Chief Clerk in the Office of the Colonial Secretary, and has during my absence in the interior of British Columbia occasionally accompanied me, acting as my private Secretary. Mr Good is the son of the ReverendHenryManuscript image Henry Good of Wimborne Minster, Dorset. He is a graduate of Exeter College Oxford, is a gentleman of high integrity and good address; and during the period he has been in the Service of the Colony, has acquired an intimate knowledge of public business, and is well versed in the system of accounts established in the Colony. I beg therefore to place him before YourGraceManuscript image Grace as a fit and proper person to fill the Office of Treasurer.
4. In concluding this Despatch I deem it right to state in justice to a very efficient and valuable Officer—Mr Hamley the Collector of Customs—that I should have recommended him for the Office of Colonial Secretary, had he not represented tomeManuscript image me that his state of health would, he feared, unfit him for the constant application required from such an Office.
I have the honor to be
My Lord Duke
Your Grace's most obedient
Humble Servant
James Douglas

P.S. Adverting to Your Grace's Circular Despatch of 4th February 1863 I forward herewith to avoid inconvenience printed forms called for in cases of Colonial appointments made at home. J.D.
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Sir F. Rogers
See 10014. These suggestions are contingent on the desired appointment of Mr Young to be Secretary of VanC. Isld & of his vacation of the Office of Secretary of B. Columbia.
ABd 17 Oct
FR 19/10
The Governor forgets to add to Mr Good's other qualifications that he is his Son in Law.
I should prefer taking all the appointsManuscript image and changes in B.C. & V.I. together. For the present therefore to Mr Engleheart.
N 20
Mr Young is to be allowed to retain the office of Col Sec: at V.I. and Mr A.N. Birch is appointed Col Sec: of B. Columbia.
GDE 11 Dec
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
Manuscript image
Return of office of colonial secretary, stating the salary and other particulars of the job.
Manuscript image
Return of office of treasurer, stating the salary and other particulars of the job.