Grafton to Elliot (Assistant Under-Secretary)
27 July 1863
I am directed by the Secretary of State for War to transmit to you the accompanying copy of a letter from Lieut Colonel Hawkins R.E. Her Majesty's Commissioner for defining the British North American Boundary, in which he suggests that Corporal W Hale, who is serving in British Columbia under Colonel Moody,R. E,Manuscript image RE, may advantageously be employed in completing the inscription on the Granite Obelisk which marks the Western terminus of the Boundary.
In laying this letter before the Duke of Newcastle I am to request that you will move His Grace to instruct the Governor to give effect to the wishes expressed by Colonel Hawkins.
I have etc.
D. Grafton
M. General
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
Transmit copy of these Letters to the Governor instructing him to give effect to the wishes contained in them, & inform W.O. accordingly.
ABd 28 July
TFE 28/7
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Draft reply, Newcastle to Douglas, No. 39, 30 July 1863.
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Elliot to Under-Secretary of State for War, 3 August 1863, advising that the governor had been instructed to comply with the wish expressed by Colonel Hawkins.
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J.S. Hawkins, Royal Engineers, to Under-Secretary of State for War
H.M. Boundary Commission
2 Victoria Street, Westminster
July 23rd 1863
My Lord
When the granite obelisk marking the Western terminus of the continental Boundary between the territories of HM & the United States under the Treaty of 15 June/46 was erected it was not practicable to complete the inscription on its Eastern face as no agreement had been entered into between the joint Commission as to the exact longitude of the spot. The Astronomers of the two Commissions have recently done this by a comparison at Washington of observations and results.
The inscriptions of the several faces of the obelisk were executed by a manofManuscript image of the Detachment of Rl Engineers stationed in B. Columbia (Corporal Wm Hale) whose services were temporarily placed at my disposal for the purpose by Col Moody RE—and as I think it is very desirable to have the one in question completed & that it can best be done by the man who already knows the locality &c, while I understand the Detacht is likely shortly to be withdrawn from the Colony, I have the honor to request that YLp will either instruct Col Moody to that effect, or will move the Secy of State for the Colonies to do so through the Govrr—as Point Roberts (the site of the obelisk) can be reached fromManuscript image New Westminster by boat or canoe in 3 or 4 hours, & the work ought not to occupy more than a day or two, I think there is no occasion to raise the question of cost—especially as the obelisk is now of importance to the Colony as authoritatively defining its limit.
The longitude agreed upon by the Joint Commission, & therefore not open to question is 123o 3' 53". The figures ought to be made of the same size & character as those indicating the latitude. It would be as well if the man employed were to be provided with a little cement to make good the jointing of the obelisk, if found necessary; & with some black paint to restore the old & paint the new lettering. Perhaps also something mightbeManuscript image be done towards keeping down the young growth likely to have sprung up in the clearing for the monument, but this is a question affecting all the Boundary cuttings which will be brought prominently to notice before closing the commission.
I enclose a photograph of the Eastern face of the obelisk, on which the inscription has been completed.
I have &c
J.S. Hawkins
Lt Col RE
HM Commissioner