Alexander to Colonial Secretary
HMS Cornwallis
October 14th 1863
I have the honor to request that you will be pleased to inform me to what amount of land I am, as Chaplain in the Royal Navy of nearly ten years standing, entitled in British Columbia under the proclamation by His Excellency James Douglas, C.B., Governor and Commander-in-Chief of British Columbia.
I have the honour to be Sir,
Your obedt humble Servant
H. Alexander
Chaplain R.N.

The Colonial Secretary
Minutes by CO staff
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Sir F. Rogers
See Mr Buckley's note. Shall we ask the Admy or refer the application to the Land Bd to be dealt with.
ABd 17 Oct
At once.
I would refer this at once to the Admy as it seems an Admy question. But I doubt whether hereafter as a general rule it is not better to referManuscript image all these questions respectg military allowances in purchase of Land to the E.C. asking them to answer to all applicants—taking care of course that they are kept fully informed of all that they ought to know.
FR 19/10
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Admiralty S.W.
October 16th 1863
Dear Mr Blackwood
Your letter to Noel has been put into my hands, as he is away: and I have been asked to answer you.
As far as I can ascertain theManuscript image Chaplains in the Navy have no relative Naval rank: but I think you had better raise the question officially as it is a difficult one to answer, and it would not do for you to be committed by an opinion given by me.
Yours very truly
Alfred Buckley

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Rogers to Secretary to the Admiralty, 24 October 1863, forwarding copy of Alexander's letter and asking whether chaplains were eligible for the privileges in question.