Barton to Newcastle
Clovelly, Ireland
March 23 1863
My Lord Duke
The following letter has being [sic] received by a tenant of Mine, of which this is a copy, I know him to be the person alluded to in it; he requests me to write to your Grace to know if there is any funds in your Grace's office for his credit, also, if so, for further information, how he is to get it.
I am your Graces Obedient Servant
F.W. Barton
[JP & DL?]
Co Fermanagh
Minutes by CO staff
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Ansr that the money is not in this Office, & suggest a communication being addressed to Colonel Hawkins R.E., now in England, whose Address is [blank].
ABd 25/3
TFE 25/3
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E.M. Archiblad to William Leary
British Consulate New York
Feby 28 1863
At the request of your Daughter in law Margret Annesborg or Leary, I write to inform you that I have reason to believe that Colonel Hawkins who had possession of your Son's money of which he remitted one half to me for your son's widow, has paid the other half into the Treasury of British Columbia, or remitted to the Colonial Department Downing Street London.
Your better course is to apply to the Secretary of State for the Colonial Department, the Duke of Newcastle, and you will obtain all needful information.
I am Sir
your Obedient Servant
E.M. Archibald

To William Leary
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Elliot to Barton, 27 March 1863, which advises that no funds had been remitted to the Colonial Office for the person referred to, and suggesting he communicate with Colonel Hawkins.