Gosset to Elliot (Assistant Under-Secretary)
58 Gloster Crescent
Hyde Park
July 8 1863
I have the honor to request extension of leave, to enable me to comply with possible requirements, connected with British Columbia, in England, where my presence lately has I trust not been entirely useless. Sought for the purpose indicatedandManuscript image and not for the sake of mere leave, I submit this application without naming a period.
I have the honor to be Sir
Your Most Obt Servt
W. Driscoll Gosset
Major RE

T.F. Elliot Esqe
Asst Secty &c
Colonial Office
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
See minutes on 10317/62 and 38/63. Capn Gossett had 6 months leave from the Governor, & 4 months more from us: having only been in B.C. 3 years & 10 months. The grounds for further indulgence are most indefinite; nor am I aware what "possible requirements connected with theManuscript image Colony" Capn Gossett can have in England. Mr Fortescue, & the Duke of Newcastle may, however, have reasons for desiring the presence of Capn G. with which I am not acquainted.
ABd 13 July
If Captn Gossett's presence is really required for an adequate public object, of course he ought to remain: if not I am quite unaware of any reason which entitles him to special favor. The only thing is, that as B. Columbia is so remote, a twelvemonth in all may not be an exorbitant period of absence, after an officer has once been allowed to come away.
If it be the fact, as I should imagine, that he is not wanted for any public object, I should not allow him or any other Officer to ride off on a pretext. If he wants his leave as a favor he ought to say so, and not to disguise it.
For these reasons, the answer which I would suggest (unless I am mistaken about the public reasons) would be to the following effect: the Duke of Newcastle isManuscript image not aware of any public ground which renders it necessary that Captn Gossett should prolong his stay in England, but if he wishes to do so for his own accommodation, His Grace will have no objection to allowing him an additional leave of two months so as to make his total absence from the Colony amount to a twelvemonth. But he must distinctly understand that no further extension can be granted to him after that time, and that he will be expected to be present in B. Columbia at the expiration of a year from the date of his departure.
The Govr should be informed.
Despch to Govr on 7365.
TFE 14 July
I agree, I know of no public reasons for Capt. Gossett's presence in England.
CF 15
I suspect the "public reason" is a hope that he may be appointed Governor—in which case only he intends to return.
Answer as proposed.
N 16
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Fortescue to Gosset, 21 July 1863, granting a further extension of two months to his leave.