Seymour to Newcastle
14 Sept 1863
My Lord Duke,
I receive very gratefully the notification of my appointment to the Governorship of British Columbia. It is highly gratifying to me to accept this important trust from the Secretary of State to whom I owe myintroductionManuscript image introduction to the Colonial Service. The prospects of a change from the swamps of Honduras to a fine country is inexpressibly attractive to me, and I trust, in the bracing air of North America to prove myself worthy of your Grace's confidence and kindness.
I propose availing myself of the permissionYourManuscript image Your Grace gives me to return to England for a very short time. I intend leaving Belize on the 16th of October. Mr Berkeley, the Colonial Secretary, having returned from England, I shall hand over the temporary administration of the Government to him. I am happy to say that I have no reason to apprehendanyManuscript image any Indian disturbances on the frontier, and that all is progressing prosperously within our limits.
With renewed expression of gratitude for my promotion,
I have the honor to be, My Lord Duke
Your Grace's most obedient humble servant
Frederick Seymour

His Grace the Duke of Newcastle K.G.
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