No. 53
18 September 1863
With reference to my Despatch No. 51 of the 9th Instant I have the honor to transmit to you the enclosed Copy of a letter from the Agents General for Crown Colonies enclosing one to themselves from the Colonial Secretary of British Columbia.
The Agents General have been informed in reply to theirletterManuscript image letter that the Colonial Secretary was in error in assuming Two Thousand Pounds (£2000) of the grant for 1862-3 to be undrawn, and they have been instructed to pay the whole sum claimed for the specie and the Assay Office meeting the deficiency in the remittance for the settlement of this claim out of the proceeds of the loan which they have raised for the Colony.
I have the honor to be
Your most Obedient
humble Servant
Other documents included in the file
Manuscript image
Copy, Sargeaunt to Rogers, 10 September 1863, on payments to British Columbia.
Manuscript image
Copy, Colonial Secretary to the Agents General, 3 June 1863, "a bill payable."