No. 57
9 October 1863
I enclose herewith a list of the names of 18 men, late of the Royal Engineers, who were employed on the North American Boundary Commission and who purchased their discharge on the return of the detachment to England. Colonel Hawkins R.E. has represented that these men are desirous of receiving theManuscript image same indulgence in respect of grants of land as has been extended to the soldiers of the Royal Engineers serving under Colonel Moody. I have no doubt of the propriety of acceding to this request: and I should wish you to submit to your Council a proposal for making free grants of land in British Columbia to the extent of thirty acres each to such of these men as shall wish to avail themselves of this indulgence. But you will be careful to insist on the condition of residency and Military service, when required.
I have the honor to be
Your Most Obedient
Humble Servant
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Manuscript image
25 September 1863, "List of men of Royal Engineers who purchased their discharges in British Columbia or Vancouver's Island on the return of the North American Boundary Commision to England."