Henry to Under-Secretary of State
Morne Abbey
Kilkul Co. Down
8th Oct. 1863
Having seen in the Newspaper some days since, that grants of Land in British Columbia were about to be given to officers of the Army according to their standing in the service, I should feel obliged by your letting me know the particulars.
I have the honor to be Sir
Your obt huble Servant
W. Henry Captain
1/17th Rgt.

The Under Secretary of State
Colonial Office
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Sir F. Rogers
I do not think it will be sufficient to inform the Writer how much land is allowed to each rank of the Military Service. He naturally asks for particulars, & we ought to be able to supply them. Wd it not be useful to have 100 copies of the last Ordinance 2 of /63 lithographed, & supply
Is not printing cheaper?

any applicant with a copy, & also the Land Board & the Military Depts so that every facility may be accorded by Govt to Officers wishing to settle in B. Columbia.
ABd 10/10
Mr Blackwd
I think so, unless the Colonization Circular furnishes this infnwh I imagine it ought to do.
I find that the Col. Circ. of 1863 has not, but that of 64 will have the infn.
I think a short note should be made of the material provisions of the Orde of wh copies (written) shd be given to applicants, till the Col. Circ. is available.
The main provisions for the present purpose are SS 3, 7, 8, 9, 11 and the last sentence of 16.
FR 12/10
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Rogers to Henry, 17 October 1863, transmitting the information requested.
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