No. 24
30th August 1864
With reference to my despatch No 6 of the 16th of May 1864, I have now the honor to forward a certificate showing that I have granted seven months leave of absence to Mr Joseph William Trutch, Surveyor General of this Colony.
2. Mr Trutch I believe to be a very good public officer but, as stated in my despatch above mentioned, I consider his interestsinManuscript image in one of the great rival Roads of this Colony as incompatable with his holding the Office to which the Duke of Newcastle directed me to appoint him. I shall be very glad to hear that Mr Trutch has divested himself of all private property the possession of which might expose his public acts to unfavorable comment.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble Servant
Frederick Seymour
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
Govr Seymour does not mention who is to take Mr Trutch's place. Capn Holmes has accepted the offer of Colonial Secy of Honduras.
ABd 20 Oct
Mr Cardwell
So far as this involves personal considerations, the subject has recently been brought under your notice with referenceManuscript image to Honduras.
Mr Trutch is by general consent an able man in his profession, but he holds private property which might possibly conflict with his public duties as Surveyor General. He has however undertaken to endeavour to divest himself of that property.
Capt. Holmes is an Officer for whom Mr Seymour has shown a great wish to provide. But he is accused of intemperate habits, and Mr Seymour admits that he was betrayed into intemperance when last he was passing thro' Honduras. The Authorities of that Colony seem reluctant to have him as their Secretary—on the other hand if Mr Trutch gets rid of the private interests which might conflict with his duty, it could hardly be right to remove him from his place in order to make room for another gentleman who is by no means likely to be so skilful a Surveyor, and who has rendered himself liable to unfavorable personal comments.
I do not see that this despatch requires any answer at the present moment.
TFE 27 Octr
EC 28
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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Certification of leave of absence for Joseph William Trutch, signed by Seymour, 25 August 1864.