No. 48
24th September 1864
I have had the honor to receive your despatch No. 5 of the 11th of May respecting certain arms and accoutrements left by Colonel Moody R.E. in charge of the Colonial Militia and Volunteers. It has not been reported to you that any such force exists in British Columbia, and I am directed to report on the best manner of turning the arms to the public advantage.
2. I can hardly imagine the reason why my predecessor shouldnotManuscript image not have reported that a respectable and well organized body of Volunteers numbering sixty three exists in New Westminster. They are armed with the rifles and revolvers left by Colonel Moody. I would however mention that in addition to this force, we have now upwards of one hundred men fully armed engaged in suppressing the rebellion of the Chilicoten Indians. Under these circumstances perhaps you will permit me to defer reporting on the disposal of these arms. I may, however, at once state my opinion that they ought not to be withdrawnfromManuscript image from the Colony.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble Servant
Frederick Seymour
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Manuscript image
Mr Elliot
Wait the further report promised by the Govr? The War Office have consented that the Arms should remain in the Colony on the usual terms—The Rifles to be lent, & the actual value of the accoutrements &c to be paid for.
VJ 30 Novr
Mr Jadis
If the Governor has been told of the War Office decision above stated, this may wait for his further report.
TFE 30/11
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Manuscript image
Draft reply, Cardwell to Seymour, No. 38, 6 July 1865, asking that Seymour report on a letter from the War Office regarding the arms and accoutrements.
Minutes by CO staff
Mr Blackwood
I suppose we shd call the Govr's attention to this answer?
I think so.