Columbia to Cardwell
7 Upper Berkeley St
Portman Square
Nov 4 64
May I be allowed to have copies of your answer to the Archbishop of Canterbury respecting the subdivision of the diocese of B Columbia, and of your despatch to Governor Seymour upon the same subject.
I have the honor to be
Your very obed Sert
G. Columbia

The Rt Hon E. Cardwell M.P.
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
The papers for which the Bishop applies here crossed this letter. They were sent to him on the 4th.
VJ 7 Nov
Write to him that they were sent to him on the same day on which his letter is dated, and express a hope that they arrived safe. Draft.
TFE 7/11
Other documents included in the file
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Elliot to Bishop of Columbia, 10 November 1864, advising that the letters had crossed.
Minutes by CO staff
I am glad to find that the draft was written by me, & therefore [one line cut off microfilm] incompleteness mine.
TFE 9/11
It is better to show the date of the letter which we are acknowledging. It is always trouble [some?] instead of [added?] to make every clue in official Correspondence plain.
To-day the Secy of the Civil Service Commission had the trouble of calling here—& I the trouble of seeing him—because in a recent letter of ours about Williams of Bermuda, we quoted various documents and did not tell the date of one of them. It will be worth while to look at that letter: it is dated 24 Oct.
TFE 9/11