No. 3
28th January 1865
With reference to the 5th Paragraph of my despatch No. 70 of 24th November I have now the honor to report that having enquired into the circumstances attending Mr Walter Moberley's bankruptcy, I am satisfiedthatManuscript image that they reflect no discredit upon him. I have therefore, complied with the wishes of the people of Cariboo West and appointed, subject to your pleasure, Mr Moberley to be a Member of the Legislative Council until the first of May 1866.
2. I beg to recommend this appointment for your confirmation.
I have the honor to be,
Your most obedient
humble Servant
Frederick Seymour
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Sir F. Rogers
Would it be right to sanction the selection of Mr Moberly to the Legve Council pending the receipt of the Governor's ansr to Mr Cardwell's despatch of 3 March last.
ABd 19 Apl
Sir F. Rogers
The objection was that whereas Sir James Douglas had appointed a Council to last until the 31st of Decr 1864, Govr Seymour dissolvedManuscript image it previously and named new Councillors.
But in the present instance it may be assumed that Mr Moberly has been appointed within the year 1865. It is moreover the case, not of a dissolution of a Council, but of the addition of a member to it, about which I do not know whether or not the Governor lacks the requisite power.
TFE 21 April
EC 25
I would say that Mr C. saw no reason to doubt that Mr Seymour had acted rightly (or rather more strongly that as far as Mr C. could judge he was clearly right) in accepting the election of Mr Moberly as Member of the Council. But that Mr C. refrained from conveying to him any formal confirmation of that appointment for the reasons indicated in the dph. No 13 of 3 March/65.
FR 22/4
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Draft reply, Cardwell to Seymour, No. 18, 27 April 1865.