No. 33
24th March 1865
I have had the honor to receive your Separate Despatch of the 12th of May 1864, enquiring if there be any Hospitals or Lunatic Asylums in this Colony, and if so whethertheyManuscript image they are managed in a satisfactory manner.
2. I beg leave now to return answers to the series of interrogatories transmitted in the Duke of Newcastle's despatch of the 1st January 1863, which I believe have not yet been noticed in this Colony.
3. The Royal Columbian Hospital has hitherto been supposed to be supported byvoluntaryManuscript image voluntary contributions and on this supposition the subscribers have annually elected the Board of Management. The Gentlemen selected being in no way responsible to the Government, which however has been compelled to defray three-fourths of the expenses, the institution has been somewhat neglected. At the last election I notified that I would expect two Government Officers to be appointed to the Board inconsiderationManuscript image consideration of the payments made from the Treasury, and Mr Good, the Clerk of the Council, and Mr Ker, the Auditor, named by me were at once elected. The former gentleman was appointed Chairman of the Board. The defects in the management pointed out in the Tables I enclose, have been remedied and the drainage improved. I cause the patients to be supplied with the "Times," "SaturdayReview,Manuscript image Review," and such other newspapers as I subscribe to in England, California and the Colonies.
4. There is a very creditable hospital supported by private contributions and a Government allowance of a thousand a year on William's Creek, Cariboo. I found it extremely clean and well managed and I rejoice to say that it was, when I last heard, without a patient.
5. A sum of a thousandpoundsManuscript image pounds has been voted likewise for the support of a hospital at the newly discovered Gold Mines on the Kootenay River.
6. The Lunatic Asylum in New Westminster though situated within the prison walls is detached from the main buildings. The keeper of the gaol and his wife, both remarkably kind hearted people reside on the premises.
7. The answers tointerrogatoriesManuscript image interrogatories 4 and 5 merely mean that the Lunatics have no special accommodation apart from the prisoners. As the latter are employed on out door work from morning till night there is abundant time for the exercise and recreation of the Lunatics without their being brought into communcation with criminals.
I have the honor to be,
Your most obedient
humble Servant
Frederick Seymour
Minutes by CO staff
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ABd 29 June
TFE 29/6
Refer to Mr Wright.
HT 1 July
Mr Blackwood
TFE 1/7
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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Interrogatories on lunatic asylums in British Columbia, with answers appended thereto (22 questions, 22 pages).
Manuscript image
Interrogatories on hospitals in British Columbia, answered in relation to The Royal Columbian, New Westminster (14 questions, 14 pages).
Manuscript image
Printed copy of "Rules for Nurses," Royal Columbian Hospital, 1 January 1863.
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Printed copy of "Rules for Visitors," Royal Columbian Hospital, 1 January 1863.
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Printed copy of "Rules for Patients," Royal Columbian Hospital, 1 January 1863.
Other documents included in the file
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Elliot to W.J. Wright, 7 July 1865, forwarding copy of the despatch and enclosures and requesting a report of "any remarks which occur to you on the subject."