29 March 1865
I am aware that I have not communicated with you as fully and rapidly recently as I ought to have done. My first apology must be an extreme pressure of business during the Legislative Session. My second, theManuscript image extreme irregularity of the postal arrangements. The American Steamers are very irregular in their arrival at Esquimalt, and during the winter the Hudson's Bay Company run their Steamers as seldom as they can to New Westminster.
I presume that the Governor of Vancouver Island will have informed you of theManuscript image efforts made in that Colony to procure annexation to this. Here the feeling is strongly opposed to the proposed connection. Indeed I cannot see how it could in any way benefit British Columbia, and it is impossible to avoid perceiving how under the former Government this colony was unduly depressed to raise Victoria to an artificial prosperity.NewManuscript image New Westminster presented a miserable aspect of decay and disappointment while Victoria, though immediately more prosperous in appearances, astonished all strangers at the little progress a town, through which had passed many millions of gold, had made.
Among the means adopted by the peoples of Victoria, for bringing about union have been thatManuscript image of trying to create in our mining population dissatisfaction with the financial arrangements of this Colony. I enclose an address presented to me by a body of Victoria Shopkeepers and Cariboo miners together with my reply.
These will be found enclosed in Governors Despatch No 30 of 21 March 65.
There are but three names in the three hundred which would carry weight in Cariboo, and it is by no means out of respect for the petitioners that I haveansweredManuscript image answered so fully. My answer appears to have given satisfaction, and I would beg leave very respectfully to call your attention to the statements it contains.
I learn on enquiry from the Governor of Vancouver Island that he sent on to you without notice to me, or comment from himself, certain resolutions and statements prepared and made by theManuscript image so called Chamber of Commerce of Victoria. The statements are very incorrect and I have expressed to Governor Kennedy my regret that he should have sent them on without my having the opportunity of refuting them.
This correspce between the 2 Governors is annexed. It ought to be attached to 5153 V.C.I.d.
There seems every likelyhood of our having a rush to the newly discovered gold diggings. TheManuscript image Season is however unusually unfavourable & the upper roads blocked with snow.
The Legislative Session is progressing satisfactorily and I expect to prorogue next week.
The telegraph which will connect this place with Newfoundland will be completed in about 10 days.
I trust that you will forgive this informalManuscript image communication made just as the steamer is about to sail.
I have the honor to be,
Your most obedient
humble Servant
Frederick Seymour
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Elliot
Mr Seymour is backward in sending home the B.C. Customs Ordinance, which has given rise to some excitement in V.C.I. When it arrives & comes under consn the Cariboo Petition & the Governor's ansr may be useful.
I do not see that the contents of this desph provoke much action on our part.
ABd 30 May
Sir F. Rogers
We can do nothing until we see the Ordinance. Wait?
TFE 31/5
FR 31/5
CF 1 June
EC 2
Put by. The Ordinance having been dealt with?
VJ 2 Jan 66
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
Note in file: "Folios 297-299 not photographed. Newspaper, The Government Gazette-British Columbia Vol: 4, No 12, 25th March 1865."