No. 77
3rd June 1865
My Predecessor and myself have had on many occasions to report respecting the great injury inflicted upon the Indians by the traffic in whisky carried on by some traders in Victoria on the North West Coast of thisColony.Manuscript image Colony. It is not long ago since I informed you of the killing of one native Constable and the wounding of others by Whisky smugglers at Metlakahtla. With the deepest regret I now report the murder, under somewhat similar circumstances, of Mr Ogilvy, the Collector of Customs at Bella Coola, North Bentinck Arm. I enclose Copy of the depositions taken before Mr Brew, the Police Magistrate of New Westminister. They will give you a correct idea of themannerManuscript image manner in which the Whisky trade is carried on and show that the deceased gave no provocation which could palliate in any way the attack which was made on him.
2. Mr Ogilvy was an excellent and valuable public Officer. I refer to the testimony borne to his merits in my despatches No. 69 of 23rd Novr 1864, and No. 10 of 25th February 1865, where I announce his appointmenttoManuscript image to the Office he held so short a time.
3. It is at least gratifying to me when reporting one more fatal episode in this demoralizing trade to mention that the Bella Coola Indians behaved on this, as on every other occasion, since the Bute Inlet massacres caused us to rely on their assistance, in the most admirable manner. These Indians who formerly bore an execrable character on theCoastManuscript image Coast, and whose Chief settlement still stands as "Rascals' Village" on all the old maps, have proved within the last year most jealous and efficient friends to the white men.
4. Antoine, the murderer, escaped late on a dark night, in a small boat by himself. Four shots were fired after him, and a gale of wind came on shortly after his departure. Nothing has been heard of himsinceManuscript image since and it is not unlikely that he may have perished. At the villages below the spot where he left the "Langley" no trace of him could be procured. We know that the Bella Coola Indians would capture him should he venture to return to them, so we presume that, if Antoine be alive, he has taken refuge among the Comsquit Indians at the head of Deans' Canal, rarely visited by White men. If so, he would probablyendeavourManuscript image endeavour to make his way across the country to Cariboo, I have therefore caused timely notice to be given to the Magistrates of that district, and have furnished them with copies of a Proclamation by which I offer two hundred pounds reward for the apprehension of the murderer.
I have the honor to be,
Your most obedient
humble Servant
Frederick Seymour
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Elliot
Express regret at this occurrence, and a hope that the Murderer may be arrested and dealt with according to Law.
ABd 25 Augt
TFE 25/8
EC 25
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
Manuscript image
Deposition taken before Chartres Brew, Justice of the Peace, 25 May 1865, recording the information of John W. Smith on the circumstances of the murder.
Manuscript image
Deposition taken before Brew, 5 June 1865, recording the information of Mike Wenovich on the circumstances of the murder.
Manuscript image
Deposition taken before Brew, 5 June 1865, recording the information of John Collins on the circumstances of the murder.
Other documents included in the file
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Draft reply, Cardwell to Seymour, No. 63, 3 September 1865.