Cooper to Under-Secretary of State
209 Queen's Road Dalston
May 8th 1865
I have the honor to request that the leave of absence from my duties, as Chief Clerk of the Treasury British Columbia, which has been granted to me for six months ending June 30th 1865, may be extended to December 31st 1865.
I have served the British Columbian Government for six consecutive years, having been appointed to my present position in March 1859.
I have the honor to be, Sir,
Your obedt Servant
John Cooper
The Under Secretary of State
for the Colonies
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Mr Elliot
Comply: but he ought to have procured the Governor's sanction for an extension of leave. I think that Officers ought to make themselves acquainted with the Colonial rules of service.
ABd 9 May
Mr Blackwood
I do not quite read the Regulations as calling on an Officer to obtain the Governor's previous sanction to an extension of leave in England.
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One Regulation (SS 104) forbids the Governor to recommend an extension, but permits him (the Governor) to report the period for which it can be extended without doing harm. I view this as purely permissive and we hardly ever see a Governor send home any such report.
Another Regulation (SS 114) states that the leave of absence will be extended by the Secretary of State for sufficient reason. This rule is absolute and says nothing about securing a previous report from the Governor.
I think that in the present case we may simply comply and tell the Governor.
TFE 10 May
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Draft reply, Cardwell to Seymour, No. 11, 11 May 1865.
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Elliot to Cooper, 12 May 1865, granting a six month extension to his leave of absence.