Holmes to Cardwell
34 Eastbourne Terrace W.
21st July 1865
Since the interview you honored me with I have carefully considered your offer of the appointment of Registrar of the Supreme Court of British Columbia.
My circumstances are such, that it would be an injustice to those dependant on me were I to refuse the appointment you propose. At the same time I fear that the Salary attached to it would, in such a very expensive place as British Columbia, be inadequate to the support of my wife and children.
I would therefore mostrespectfullyManuscript image respectfully submit that if possible you would further extend your kindness by transferring me to some other less expensive Colony where I should be enabled to struggle on with some hope of success.
If such cannot be, in any case I would beg that an early application be made in the usual form to the War Office for my being placed on the seconded list as my Military Leave expires on the 31st of this month—a very few days more—with I fear no hope of further extension.
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By the death of Col. Sim R.E. an appointment has become vacant in Ceylon similar to the one I lately held in British Columbia, the arduous duties of which I performed to the entire satisfaction of the Government.
I need not say how urgently I would strive to merit your approbation and that of the local Government should you honor me with the distinguished position of Surveyor General in Ceylon.
I have the honor to be Sir
Your most obedient humble Servant
G.W. Holmes
Capt. Rl Artillery
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Blackwood
It has been determined not to apply at War Office, in Captain Holmes' behalf.
I have written to tell him that he will receive the notificationManuscript image of his Appt, tomorrow & that he must apply at the W.O. for Himself.
EHC 25 July
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26 July/65
My dear Blackwood
If you can find no precedent at the C.O. (and I myself can remember none) for applying to this Office to have an officer placed on the seconded List, my advice to you wd be to abstain from interference in so doubtful a case as that of Capt Holmes. If the appointment had been a more temporary one, there might have been some reason for the request, but here it is a permanent one and the officers return to his MilitaryManuscript image duties is not to be looked for.
The proper course is for the offr himself to make his wishes known to the H. Guards and for the latter to recommend the application to us, if they thought fit to do so.
I return your Letter—which I recommend you to cancel.
Yrs very sincerely
C. Talbot
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Sir F. Rogers
I send this merely for yr infn Mr Cardwell having decided to let Capn Holmes ask himself to be "seconded." I think that decision much the best.
ABd 26/7
Mr Blackwood
Thank you.
Other documents included in the file
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Colonial Office to Holmes, 28 July 1865, advising that Cardwell could only offer him the registrarship in British Columbia and explaining the terms of the appointment.