Holmes to Elliot (Assistant Under-Secretary)
34 Eastbourne Terrace
Hyde Park
11th September 1865
When in British Columbia holding the appointments of Ag Surveyor General and Private Secretary to Governor Seymour, I received an intimation that His Grace the late Duke of Newcastle had honored [me] with the offer of the appointment of Colonial Secretary of British Honduras.
On accepting this offer I resigned the other appointments and proceeded to British Honduras to enter upon my new duties. At this time I had receivednoManuscript image no intimation of any kind of my suspension.
Travelling at my own expense from Bh Columbia to Bh Honduras (in accordance with the Regulations, my new Salary being over five hundred pounds a year) I was deeply mortified to hear on my arrival in Belize that I was suspended from office. The money I had expended was entirely thrown away—worse than this I found myself lying under a stigma from certain accusations made against me to remove which would require me to continue my expensive journey toEnglandManuscript image England.
I have done so and parted with nearly my last shilling not including the many expenses I have been put to during a considerable stay in England.
Under these circumstances I now beg most respectfully to urge that I may be re-imbursed some portion if not all of this heavy outlay—I not having received any Salary since my appointment to the office now upwards of a year and a half ago.
Trusting my case may obtain an early and favorable considerationasManuscript image as I am shortly leaving for British Columbia.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient humble
G.W. Holmes

T. Frederick Elliot Esqre
&c &c &c
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
Capn Holmes lost his Office in Honduras through his own misconduct: but, promising amendment, got another though of inferior value. I cannot see why, under the circes, the public should defray his travelling expenses. If I were in the place of Capn Holmes I shd have considered myself fortunate in obtaining another situation—in having my expenses paid for reaching it—& should certainly not have ventured on preferring this request. But, I suspect, Capn Holmes is in very indifferent circes, which must be his apology.
ABd 12 Sepr
TFE 12 Sep
A Letter in the sense of Mr Blackwood's observations.
EC 13
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I have gone a little more closely into this matter & it does not improve on further acquaintance.
Govr Seymour was told on the 16 Novr/64 that Capn Holmes' appointment was suspended, with a view to being cancelled. It was added that as he contemplated an appeal to Mr Cardwell, Mr C did "not wish to encourage him to incur any expense or trouble in making it; yet he left it to himself toManuscript image decide whether it was worth his while to do so."
Whilst Capn Holmes was in B. Columbia he had not, he says, recd notice of his suspension. So he started for Honduras to assume his Office there.
On his way he called at Jamaica where a despatch similar in terms & date to that sent to B.C. was in the hands of Governor Eyre.
In a desp: dated the 24 Jany/65 Govr Eyre reported that Capn Holmes had arrived at Jamaica on the 9th inst, & that he had informed that Officer of his suspension.
It cannot be doubted, though it is not so stated, that at the same time Capn Holmes was apprized that he should not incur expense in making a useless appeal to Mr Cardwell for reinstatement at Honduras.
If the fact be as I suppose Capn Holmes has asked to be reimbursed expensesManuscript image which he was warned could not be entertained: and asks for them rather in the style of a man who has a good cause of complaint.
ABd 14 Sep
I do not differ, but I would submit just the degree of softening in the subjoined substitute for the Concluding Sentence.
TFE 16/9
Other documents included in the file
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Rogers to Holmes, 25 September 1865, advising that no funds were available to defray his travelling expenses to England.