No. 89
11 November 1865
I have had under my consideration the Ordinance (No. 3 of 1865) passed by the Legislature of British Columbia "To amend the Duties of Customs," together with Governor Seymour's Despatches of the Numbers and dates in the margin.
No. 28 - 18th March 1865
No. 29 - 20th " "
No. 30 - 21st " "
No. 42 - 6th May "
I referred this OrdinanceandManuscript image and the papers connected with it to the Board of Trade and the Board of Treasury, and I have the honor to transmit to you their replies.
I have to draw your attention to the remarks made by the Board of Trade on the high rate of duty charged on some of the articles included in the proposed Tariff.
You will perceive the remarks made by the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury on the provision for subjecting articles identical in all respects, and of the same pricetoManuscript image to the consumer, to different rates of duty, according to the Country from which they may have been shipped.
Until this enactment, which is contrary to precedent, and unadvisable in principle, shall have been amended, it would not be in my power to recommend the Ordinance for confirmation, but I refrain from advising it's disallowance until there shall have been time for correcting the objectionable Clause.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble servant
Edward Cardwell
The Officer Administering the Government
Other documents included in the file
Manuscript image
Extract, Sir James Emerson Tennent to the Under Secretary of State for the Colonies, 13 October 1865, explaining that the rates of customs in the ordinance are "unusually high."
Manuscript image
Copy, Childers to Rogers, 31 October 1865, stating that the Treasury sees no reason to interfere with "the proceedings of the Legislature of British Columbia" concerning Ordinance No 3 of 1865.