Hamilton to Rogers (Permanent Under-Secretary)
Treasury Chambers
31st May 1866
The Lords Commissoners of Her Majesty's Treasury have had before Them your letter of the 15th February last and its enclosures.
Their Lordships desire me to state, for the information of Mr Secretary Cardwell, that They have referred to the Board of Audit the claim therein mentioned, advanced by the Government of British Columbia to the sum of £9,021 as due to that Colony under the arrangement that, during the years 1862 and 1863, the total expense of the Royal Engineers serving in that Colony should be divided between theImperialManuscript image Imperial and Colonial Governments.
The Commissioners report that They have investigated the Statements of the Accounts drawn up by the Colonial Auditor General, and that the sums included in those statements resulting in a balance of £9051.18.1 as due to the Colony agree with the sums recorded in the several accounts.
A copy of the statement furnished by the Commissioners of Audit shewing the detailed items of expenditure in connection with the Royal Engineers in British Columbia, and the sources from which the expenditure has been defrayed is herewith transmitted.
I am to state that My Lords will take the necessary steps for submitting to ParliamentaManuscript image a Supplementary Vote for such sum as, with the balance remaining of the Vote for 1863/64, will be sufficient to liquidate the claim of the Colony.
With regard to the advances of £200 to Colonel Hawkins and £100 to Captain Lempriere, which are stated to have been reported in the Governor's despatch—No 56 of 1861—a copy of which was forwarded in the Colonial Office letter of 7th November 1861. I am to observe that no mention of the advances in question is made in that despatch. Their Lordships will, however, communicate with the War Department on the subject of these advances, as well as with respect to the £157.12.11 paid on account of Calder's Pension, as those sums appear to beManuscript image chargeable to Army Funds.
I am
Your obedient servant
Geo. A. Hamilton
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
Ansr the Acting Governor's desph No 124—27 Novr/65—and send him, for his infn, a copy of the C.O. Letter of 15 Feby & this ansr.
ABd 1 June/66
TFE 1 June
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Statement of the Commissioners of Audit as per despatch, 27 March 1866.
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Draft reply, Cardwell to Officer Administering the Government, No. 32, 7 June 1866.