Carr to Elliot (Assistant Under-Secretary)
Moorgate Street E.C.
3 Jany 1866
In the year 1858, on the appointment of Captain (now Lieut Col Gossett R.E.) as Treasurer in New Columbia, a Bond was given to Her Majesty's Treasury by Lieutt General Moncrieff as surety—in the penal sum of £2000—which Bond is now registered against the General.
As Lieutt Coll Gossett has long ceased to hold the appointment, will you see that his accounts are correct and instruct the Solrs to Her Majesty's Treasury to prepare a Certificate of Discharge of this Judgment.
Your early attention will oblige as Genl Moncrieff wishes to deal with some property which is affected by this Judgment & he cannot do so until this is done.
I am Sir
Your most Obedient Servt
Edwd S. Carr

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To Treasury, & tell the Writer.
TFE 4/1
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Mr Elliot
Mr Buckland informs me that he cannot say anything on the subject of Mr Carr's letter without consulting the Audit Office, and that he has written privately to Mr Ryan, the Secretary, to ask him how the accounts stand. In the mean time he thinks the letter should be sent officially to the Treasury for reference to the Audit Office.
VJ 11 Jan
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Elliot to Carr, 10 January 1866, stating that the subject had been referred to the Treasury for settlement.
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Elliot to G.A. Hamilton, Treasury, 10 January 1866, forwarding copy of Carr's letter for comment.