Moody to Carnarvon
Caynham House
near Ludlow
26th Sepr 1866
My Lord,
I venture to trespass on your attention in behalf of Mr Cooper, a Gentleman in office in British Columbia and at "Home" at present on Leave of Absence but whose half pay has been suspended.
Govr Seymour, I believe, previous to leaving England lately took an opportunity of speaking in his favour, and his opinion in reference to this case might possibly make any observation from myself appear almost presumptuous.
I reallyManuscript image
I really would not take this liberty did I not possess a thorough experience of Mr Cooper's official and private character and conduct, and that I happen to be aware how he is suffering by his means of living being thus withheld.
I refrain from troubling your Lordship by entering into details of petty Colonial matters and showing how they have borne on this case. As you may suppose also, and as is common in such affairs, it might be difficult to prove conclusively what from my own knowledge I would not hesitate to assert.
I can only venture to add my testimonytoManuscript image to what has been already laid before you and to urge that this is a case truly worthy of your consideration and worthy also of your graciously sanctioning some arrangement by which, while Mr Cooper is no degree reflected upon, all that may be required from the Colony in the communication made to the Colonial Office may be substantially met.
It is due also to Mr Cooper for me to state that I know how strenuously and judiciously he has been working here in England to advance the interests of both Vancouver Island and British ColumbiawhollyManuscript image wholly irrespective of party feelings and interests and that, from the very remarkable degree of local knowledge he possesses and his quiet but forcible perseverence, I have reason to believe he has been successful in doing a great deal of good and removing much injurious misapprehension.
He is a very faithful Servant to the Colony and its Government.
I have the honour to be
Yr Lordship's obedt Servt
R.C. Moody
M. Genl
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
The delay in settling this case is attributable to the local Govt. Governor Seymour was requested to report upon it in the month of July /65, & neither he, nor the Officer Administering the Govt in his absence have attended to the orders from this Office.
I wrote recently to Mr Birch a private Letter reminding him of this arrear. As the matter in dispute relates to monetary transactionsManuscript image which can only be cleared up in the Colony, I think it wd be hazardous in us to enter into or sanction any arrangements for paying Mr Cooper half salary until we are made safe by a report from the local authorities.
ABd 27 Sepr/66
Write again officially to Govr Seymour to remind him, & call for a report, & tell Col: Moody. Drafts.
TFE 27/9
CBA 29/9