No. 13
11 October 1866
I have received and laid before The Queen the Ordinances named in the Margin,
No. 14 "An Ordinance Amending the Procedure of the County Courts of the Colony of British Columbia." Enclosed in Mr. Birch's Despatch No. 47 of the 21st June.
No. 17 "An Ordinance to define the Jurisdiction of County Courts under the Small Debts Act 1859." Enclosed in Mr Birch's Despatch No. 48 of the 21st June.
which were passed by the Legislature of British Columbia in the month of April last, and I have the honor to acquaint you that Her Majesty has beengraciouslyManuscript image graciously pleased to sanction and confirm them.
You will communicate Her Majesty's decision with respect to these Ordinances to the inhabitants of the Colony of British Columbia in the usual and most authentic manner.
I have read the observations of the Attorney General upon Ordinance No. 14, with all the respect to which they are entitled, but, on the whole, I am of opinion that if the provisions to which he objects, are found productive of practical inconvenience it may be left to the LegislaturetoManuscript image to take the necessary steps for their removal.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble servant