Westerveld to Secretary of State
Westerveld & Co
16 Water Lane, Tower Street
London, E.C.
10th Octr 1866 To the Secretary Colonial Office

"James Daly" who went to New Columbia Van Couver's Island about 3 years ago as "Stipendiary Magistrate" has not since been heard of.
If you can inform us whether he is alive or dead and if alive where he can be communicated with, you will greatly oblige.
your obedient servants
[Cor. Westerveld &c?]
[P.S.] If you are not able to give us this information, will you kindly tell us how to proceed in order to communicate with him.
Minutes by CO staff
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No report of such a person. Inform the applicants accy, & refer them to the Colonial Secretary in B.C.
ABd 11 Octr
At once.
FR 11/10
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Colonial Office to Westerveld and Co., 16 October 1866, advising that the name of James Daly was unknown to the colonial office but referring them to the colonial secretary of British Columbia for information.