No. 35
24th February 1867
My Lord,
On the Union of the two Colonies of British Columbia and Vancouver Island and the extraordinary financial depression into which both had been allowed to fall, it becamenecessaryManuscript image necessary to make considerable reductions in the Public Establishments.
The Official Staff of Vancouver Island has suffered most inasmuch as it was abolished by the Act of Parliament which brought about Union, but in one or two cases I have acted upon the authority given me in Your Lordship's letter of the 14th of September 1866, and effected such reductions in the staff of Public Officers on the Mainland as the financial depression required.
2. AmongManuscript image
2. Among the Gentlemen who lost Office is Mr Charles Franks, appointed as Treasurer by the late Duke of Newcastle.
Manuscript image
Mr Franks' letter is in circ.
[ABd] 15 April
It would be rather an abuse of terms to speak of Mr Franks' Services to the Colony in the very light duties he has had to perform, yet he has come to British Columbia on the faith of a permanent appointment and he has had nothing to say, beyond drawing a considerable Salary, to bringing the Colony toitsManuscript image its present wretched financial condition.
3. Although I do not consider Mr Franks as a valuable public officer on account of his infirmity of temper there may be situations which he is qualified to fill. He has received a good education and is not deficient in quickness of apprehension.
4. As a Compensation for the loss of an Office, to which in my candid opinion he ought never to have been appointed IhaveManuscript image have offered Mr Franks the amount of his passage to England and three months full pay. He has not drawn either. Should Your Lordship think fit to bestow this allowance or something higher upon Mr Franks, Your order upon the Colonial Agents will of course meet the case.
5. After lingering long in the Colony Mr Franks suddenly departed without giving me any notice and thus it came about that he went homeunaccompaniedManuscript image unaccompanied by any despatch from me.
I have the honor to be,
My Lord,
Your most obedient
humble Servant
Frederick Seymour
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
Mr Franks holds a warrant of apptment from this Office—with instructions from the Treasury as to his conduct as Treasurer. Perhaps the Treasury may feel that they have a voice in this case. Any how we should have to obtain their concurrence in any payment to Mr Franks. Much as this Gentleman has made himself disliked by his Brother Officials we must be just to him. He has lost his Office, worth £750 a year, owing to the Union of the 2 Colonies, & is entitled, I think, to some gratuity as compensation. And it wd be better probably to grant that than to let him reenter the public service, of which, according to all accounts, he is not an ornament. He has been nearly 3 years in Office.
ABd 15 April
Manuscript image
I believe however that Mr FrankshasManuscript image has obtained access to Mr Hunt, and is a very constant applicant to him at present for further employment.
I cannot say that I see any reason for awarding to him more than the Governor offered.
I think that we would be well to send a copy of this despatch officially to the Treasury (which will incidentally show them the Governor's account of Mr Franks) and to tell them of such decision as may be adopted here as to offering the same payment as was offered by the Governor.
TFE 15 April
CBA 16/4
Manuscript image
Refer to confidential despatch recd from Gov. Seymour—after reading which it appears to me that Mr F. is fairly entitled—not having been dismissed—to the usual gratuity which is a month for each year of office—and his expenses home—if Treasury concur in this Mr F. will have no claim for reemployment under this department, & shd be so informed at once. Govr Seymour's despatch hardly indicates Mr F.'s conduct as [detailed?] in the Confid: desp with accuracy. The Treasury must be made aware of both.
B&C 18/4
Other documents included in the file
Manuscript image
Elliot to G.A. Hamilton, Treasury, 23 April 1867, forwarding copy of the despatch for consideration and advising that it was intended to extend the same terms as offered by the governor.
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Draft reply, Buckingham to Seymour, No. 22, 3 May 1867 transmitting a copy of a letter to Franks regarding end of employment with the Colonial Office.