No. 38
1st March 1867
My Lord,
I have had the honor to receive Your Lordship's despatch Vancouver Island, No. 1 of 1st of January 1867, respecting the intended payment to his Mother of the property leftbyManuscript image by the late John Curry. Your Lordship enquires if a letter on the subject from Mr Pease M.P. who has interested himself in it has been received by Mr Young, and if so, what has been done in the matter?
2. On application to Mr Young I learn that he did receive Mr Pease's letter and that he replied on the 22nd of December last stating that the Colonial Agents had been authorized to pay to Mrs Curry the sum of sixty six poundsfourteenManuscript image fourteen shillings (£66.14), less charges of remittance &c upon their being satisfied that she was the Mother of the deceased Intestate, John Curry. Further that the money might be paid into Mr Pease's hands upon order from Mrs Curry.
I have the honor to be,
My Lord,
Your most obedient
humble Servant
Frederick Seymour
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Mr Elliot
As Mr Young the Colonial Secretary has informed the Govr that the Crown Agent had been authorized to pay Mrs Curry the proceeds of the estate of her late son this Desp: may I presume be put by?
VJ 6 May
Manuscript image
I think that a copy of this despatch should be sent to Mr Pease M.P.
TFE 6 May
CBA 7/5
B&C 9/5
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Rogers to J.W. Pease, 15 May 1867, forwarding copy of the despatch.