No. 17
1 March 1867
My attention has been directed to the Schedule of your despatches transmitted to me by the Mail which left British Columbia on the 12th of January. This schedule has not been prepared in the form required by the Colonial Regulations. Instead of each despatch being specified by its number, date, number of enclosures and subject, as required by clause 165, there is merely the announcement that "No. 4 of the 21st of December to No. 25 of the 11th of January" are transmitted.
The despatches themselves moreover are not docketed in accordance with clause 160.
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I request that you will instruct the proper Officer to attend for the future to the directions given in the two clauses Nos. 160 and 165 as to the proper manner in which despatches are to be transmitted to this Office.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble Servant
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