MacKean to Buckingham
The Bank of British Columbia
5 East India Avenue,
Leadenhall Street, E.C.
9th July 1867
Mr MacKean, Chairman of the Bank of British Columbia, presents his compliments to the Duke of Buckingham and requests the favor of an early interview with his Grace for himself and Mr Gillespie, the Deputy Chairman of the Bank, on the subject of the overdrawn account of the Government of British ColumbiaManuscript image with the Bank.
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Minutes by CO staff
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Sir F. Rogers
An application from the British Columbia Bank for an interview withManuscript image the Duke of Buckingham on the subject of the state of their British Columbia account.
What amount the Colony owes to the Bank is not known here, nor do the Crown Agents know.
But as the Bank have in their course of business for profit trusted the Colony, they must lookManuscript image to the Colony & not to the Home Govt for payment.
At the same time as B. Columbia is a Crown Colony & its expenditure is under the control of the Home Govt it appears to me hardly a satisfactory way of disposing of the matter simply telling the Bank they must look to the Colony alone—& I think in such a caseManuscript image it might be justifiable on receiving an appeal from the Bank to send it out to the Governor with an intimation that it is one of the urgent duties of the local Govt to maintain their credit as well with their Bankers as it with their Public Creditors.
The amount the Colony is indebted in their account with the Crown Agents is now about £12,000.
Mr Julyan thinks it possible that the Bank may have become awareManuscript image that payments to the Sinking Fund have been stopped.
CC 11 July
FR 11/7
CBA 12/7
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Appoint them on Thursday.
B&C 13/7
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Appointed for Thursday. 3.
RSM 15 July