MacKean to Buckingham
The Bank of British Columbia
5 East India Avenue
Leadenhall Street
30th July 1867
My Lord Duke,
I beg to enclose the private correspondence of the Manager of this Bank in Victoria with the Colonial Secretary of British Columbia to enable your Grace to understand more fully the position of the Government account.
I would respectfully request that this Correspondence be considered unofficial until I have had the honour of an interview.
If your Grace could make it convenient to see me on Thursday or on Friday at half past two I would esteem it a favour.
I have the honor to be,
My Lord Duke,
Your Grace's
Obedient Humble Servant
Tho. W.L MacKean
Minutes by CO staff
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In consequence of many engagements, His Grace cannot see him this week, but will on Tuesday next at 3.
HSB 1 Aug
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Mr Elliot
See 6956. The Duke of Buckingham saw Mr MacKean, & he then left with his Grace the papersManuscript image registered 6951. You will see Mr M is to have another interview with his Grace tomorrow. From 6951 you will see the Bank are quite able to take [care] of themselves. We have recd nothing from Gov Seymour for some [time] and are very destitute of information as to the state of the Finances of the now United Colony—beyond the fact that they are in debt to the Home Govt as well as to the Bank.
The Expenditure of B. Columbia for 1865 as you are aware exceeded its Revenue considerably.
But full acquaintance with the affairs of B. Columbia will enable you to give his Grace what information he may want.
CC 5 Aug
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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William Ward, Acting Manager, to A.N. Birch, 16 January 1867, regarding the state of the colony's account and the closure of its account with the Bank of British North America.
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Ward to Birch, 5 February 1867, further discussing the status of the colonial account with the bank, with specific recommendations.
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Ward to Birch, 26 March 1867, refusing any increase in credit in view of the government's inability to reduce its debt to the bank during the previous quarter as per arrangement.
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Ward to Birch, 1 April 1867, expressing regret at the colony's decision to discontinue paying money into the bank, but reiterating their decision not to allow the colony to increase its existing debt.
Other documents included in the file
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Rogers to MacKean, 1 August 1867, suggesting date for interview.