Anderson, Fraser and Sproat to Secretary of State
London, 1 Billiter Court
2nd May 1867 The Right Honble The Secretary of State for the Colonies

My Lord Duke,
We are instructed to enclose for your Grace's consideration the Memorial herewith sent on the subject of the selection of a Seat of Government for British Columbia.
The Memorial was signed at a meeting of gentlemen largely interested in the Colony, and many more signatures could have been easily obtained, had the preparation of such a memorial been announced by advertisement.
It is not intended to ask your Grace to receive a Deputation in support of the Memorial; the matter is rather pressing as to time, and it is hoped that the respectability and importanceManuscript image of the signatures to the memorial will recommend it to Your Grace's favourable consideration.
We have the honour to be
My Lord Duke
Your Obedient Servants
J.G.S. Anderson
D. Fraser
Gilbert M. Sproat
Hon: Secretaries of the Committee of Signers of the Memorial
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Sir F. Rogers
This is no doubt the Petition referred to by Sir E. Head in 4323.
The Govr in opening the Session of the Legislature on 24 Jan promised to address them by Message on the Subject of the Seat of Govt, but we have not yet received it. For the reasons assigned in his Desp written from Paris on 17 Feb 1866 Mr Seymour will doubtless select New Westminster, and it is I presume a question the decision on which will be left to him?
VJ 3 May
Manuscript image
Acknowledge, and state that HG has not yet received from the Govr of B.C. such information as will enable him to decide on the position of the seat of Govt.
FR 3/5
CBA 4/5
B&C 4/5
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
Manuscript image
Printed memorial in favour of making Victoria the seat of government of the united colony, approximately 54 signatures.
Manuscript image
Copy of the signatures to the memorial as noted above, in alphabetical order.
Manuscript image
Printed copy of reply of the Victoria Chamber of Commerce to various correspondence and a speech of Seymour's on the debate over the choice of the capital (23 pages).
Other documents included in the file
Manuscript image
Rogers to Anderson, Fraser and Sproat, 13 May 1867, advising the decision had been held over pending receipt of additional information from the colony.