Barfield to Buckingham
4 Plowden Buildings
Temple E.C.
11th June 1867
My Lord Duke,
I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of Copies of a Despatch from Governor Seymour to Lord Carnarvon, and Report from the late Surveyor General of the Island of Vancouver, transmitted to me by your Grace's direction on the 16th ultimo.
Will you allow me now to enquire whether I may correctly assume that the Deed of Conveyance of the Island to the Crown has been forwarded to the Colony, and whether the Governor alone is now in a position to make terms with, and execute a grant to, the parties interested?
From the tenor of Governor Seymour's despatch it would appear that he intends to make himself better acquainted with the Island and its affairs generally, the resultManuscript image of which he will probably communicate to your Grace, and so soon as his further Report upon my application of the 7th of December last has been received, I shall feel much obliged by a definite reply to the enquiries I was desired to make by the Gentlemen whose object is to develope the resources of the District of Koskeemo previously referred to.
I have the honor to be
My Lord Duke
Your Graces obedient
and humble Servant
Saml Barfield

Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Elliot
He may be informed that the Deed of Conveyance has been forwarded to the Govr.
And I suppose he may also be told that the Govr has fullManuscript image power to execute Grants of Land?
CC 12 June
Manuscript image
I should tell him that the Deed has been forwarded, and that the Governor possesses the requisite power for executing grants of land subject to the rules and regulations of the Colony or to such instructions as he may from time to time receive from the Secy of State.
I shd send out to the Govr, for his infn, Copies of the letter & of the answer. It will keep him in mind.
Drafts may be prepared.
TFE 13 June
Other documents included in the file
Manuscript image
Adderley to Barfield, 15 June 1867, advising that the deed of conveyance had been forwarded to the governor, who therefore possessed the necessary power to make land grants subject to certain stipulations.
Manuscript image
Draft reply, Buckingham to Seymour, No. 36, 15 June 1867 informing Seymour of Barfield’s further enquires about developing land on “North West Coast of Vancouver Island.”