Kernaghan to Carnarvon
29 Eden Quay
20 Feby 1867
My Lord
I would respectfully refer Your Lordship to Memorials from Montreal, Toronto, Quebec & other Cities of Canada as well as from Merchants & Bankers of London, Liverpool, Dublin & Cos which I think were presented by the Rt Hon James Whiteside M.P. or referred to by him when Sir Edwd Bulwer Lytton was Colonial Sect, Mr Whiteside wishing to get me then an appointment in British Columbia.
Your Lordship may recollect me having several interviews on the Coolie Question. Should there be any Vacancy in British Columbia or any of our Colonies I would beg to refer to Mr W.S. Lindsay, Hon Coll Cole MP, Mr J.F. Campbell, Sir Robt Gore Booth Bt MP, & the Earl of Enniskillen.
Your Lordhsip will be glad to learn that £2000 have been Collected here for the Quebec Sufferers.
I have the
Honor to be
Your Lordships obed Sert
Wm Kernaghan

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Mr Elliot
This gentleman has written many Letters to this Office in the course of the last 8 years. They sometimes touch on public matters, but the conclusion to which he finally comes is that he wants an office for himself. I know nothing whatever of his merits or eligibility to serve in a public capacity.
ABd 22 F
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Unless Lord Carnarvon knows something of him, civilly express regret that there is not any prospect of being able to comply with his wishes by offering him employment in the Colonies.
TFE 23/2
C 25 Feby
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Colonial Office to Kernaghan, 4 March 1867, regretting that there was no prospect of offering him employment in the colonies.