Morgan to Carnarvon
Old Abbey
23rd April 1867
My Lord
My Son, H.R.L. Morgan late Lieut 40th Regt being desirous to settle in one of the Colonies sold out of the Army on 22nd March last, & sailed from South Hampton for Vancouvers Island and British Columbia on 2nd April inst.
Previous to his sailing he applied to H.R.H. the Commander in Chief for a grant of land in these Colonies, but had not received the Certificate of his Services from the Horse Guards before his departure. It has since been forwarded to me & I have the honor to enclose it for Your Lordships inspection.
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With the exception of a few months the entire of his services has been Foreign, in Australia & New Zealand during the War there, & he suffered twice from severe fever there.
As he cannot now for a considerable time have an opportunity of preferring his claim to Your Lordship, which might perhaps thereby lapse, I beg on his behalf to submit it, hoping under the circumstances for Your favorable consideration, & consent to further the wishes of a faithful servant & loyal subject of Her Most Gracious Majesty.
I have the honor to be
My Lord
Your most obedient humble Servant
William Morgan
J.P. for Co. of Limerick
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
I should return this certificate of the H. Gds for as in the event of its loss the H. Gds will not issue a second certificate we might be saddled with responsibility shd we offer to send it to the Colony & it be lost en route. See S.S. 3 and 4 of Col: Regulations P. 119.
I wd accompany the return with a copy of the regulations.
ABd 26 Apl
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Let us in the first instance ask him whether we are to understand from his letter that his son has resolved to become a settler in either B. Columbia or Vancouver, so that if the certificate of his services be forwarded to the Governor of those Colonies, it will be sure to find his son there. Request also to be informed of his son's address.
TFE 26 Apl
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Elliot to Morgan, 27 April 1867, asking for additional information regarding his application.