Morgan to Adderley (Parliamentary Under-Secretary)
Old Abbey
19th May 1867
I beg to acknowledge the receipt of Your letter of 15th inst informing me that His Grace The Duke of Buckingham & Chandos wd be pleased to forward to the Governor of New Columbia, the Horse Guards Certificate of my son's services, requesting him to take the necessary steps to enable him (Lieut Morgan) to obtain the advantages in point of purchase of land to which the regulations entitled him.
I beg to observe that at the time of my sons leaving he had not decided in which of these Colonies of Vancouver or British Columbia he would finally settle, but he was more strongly disposed to a location in Vancouver.
If after his arrival, he should make that selection, wh I think most likely I hope it will not be deemed by his Grace The Duke of Buckingham & Chandos incompatible to comply with his wishes.
I am
Your most obedient servant
William Morgan

Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
Under the present Regulations no privileges in the acquisition of land are granted to Military Officers in Van Couver Island—and whether, now they are united, the regulations in force on the main land will be extended to the Island we have no information to guide us.
VJ 22 May
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I annex a draft.
TFE 23/5
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Elliot to Morgan, 28 May 1867, advising that the question was academic in view of the unification of the colonies, and that the governor would extend to his son such rights as were deemed claimable at the time the certificate was received.