Torrens to Buckingham
Bath and Cheltenham Hotel
London Street, London
May 7th 1867 To His Grace The Duke of Buckingham and Chandos Secretary of State for the Colonies &c &c

My Lord Duke
The "Act of Union of the Colonies of British Columbia and Vancouver Island" having involved the loss of an appointment held by me under the Government of the latter Colony, I have the honor to submit to Your Grace a claim for indemnity—in the shape of appointment to some other office—such loss having accrued not through any dereliction or shortcoming on my part, but in furtherance of Imperial interests.
His Excellency Governor Seymour allowed a sum of One hundred pounds for my passage to England, and promised, before I left British Columbia, to lay a statement of my case before the Rt. Honble the Secretary for the Colonies.
I am in possession of various testimonials which, if permitted,IManuscript image I will submit for Your Grace's consideration (other than those herewith enclosed) which have been given to me by various Civil and Military Authorities with whom I have been associated at different periods of my life.
In the year 1859 I proceeded to British Columbia. Shortly after my arrival there, and at great cost to myself, I organised an Expedition to prospect the N.W. Coast of British Columbia; which Expedition I commanded myself.
Our Explorations extended from Victoria (lat 49o N) to lat 54o40' N and to the Queen Charlotte Islands (where we were very nearly murdered), covering a period of between 4 and 5 months.
My report of the Expedition was sent by the then Governor Sir James Douglas to the Geographical Society of London—before whom it was read; obtaining for me the thanks of the Society.
In 1865 I was sent down by Governor Kennedy as Stipendiary Magistrate to the W. Coast of Vancouver Island and have received, by letter, His Excellency's thanks "for the skill and judgment with which (he was good enough to say) this Service had been performed."
TheManuscript image
The House of Assembly of Vancouver Island entered a Record upon their Minutes of their thanks for "the ability and zeal with which (they were good enough to say) I had performed my duties," and gave me, further, a testimonial signed by Mr Speaker and every Member of the House—of which I am not a little proud.
Upon the arrival of Governor Seymour a deputation of the whole House of the late Colony of Vancouver Island—with their Speaker at their head—waited upon His Excellency, to commend me to His Excellency's good offices. A subsequent deputation also waited upon His Excellency having the same object in view.
When it became known that I was to be among the number of the disrated, the ex-Speaker and ex-Members of the Legislature of Vancouver Island who had become Members of the Honble Legislative Council of British Columbia (as well as all other ex-Members on the spot) memorialised His Excellency to urge my claims for employment to the favorable consideration of Her Majesty's Government.
Referring your Grace to the accompanying Testimonials and invoking for them Your Grace's favorable consideration, I have the honor to subscribe myself,
My Lord Duke,
Your Grace's most obedient and
humble Servant,
R.W. Torrens
late Clerk of the House
Vancouver Island
P.S. Should Your Grace so command me I will wait upon Your Grace at any time I may be required.
Minutes by CO staff
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Sir F. Rogers
Private Secretary.
VJ 10 May
FR 10/5
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(Has no claim on the C.O. 3714 B. Columbia). Ack.
[HSB] 22.5.67
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See subsequent T/9784.
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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Printed copy of testimonials in favour of Torrens with reference to his conduct as clerk of the house of Vancouver Island, six entries.
Other documents included in the file
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Rogers to Torrens, 31 May 1867, acknowledging receipt of letter.