No. 68
7th October 1867
I have to acknowledge your Despatch No. 91 of the 15th of July, informing me that you have given Mr. Birch leave on half salary with the object chiefly of giving him the opportunity of resuming his duties in British Columbia should he think fit.
Mr. Birch when in British Columbia had the option ofrelinquishingManuscript image relinquishing his connexion with this Department, or of relinquishing his appointment in British Columbia, and he elected to relinquish his appointment in British Columbia. No option was offered to him of deferring his decision until after his return to this Country, nor did his length of service entitle him to any leave of absence. Under these circumstances, I am somewhat surprised that you should have thought yourself at liberty to give this leave of absence on half salary which I am unable to confirm. The office of Colonial Secretary must beconsideredManuscript image considered vacant from the time at which Mr. Birch ceased to receive full salary, i.e. as I understand, the 15th July. I await a Report from you respecting his successor. If after receiving that Report I should confirm Mr. Young in the acting appointment which he now holds, he will be entitled to full salary from the date up to which Mr. Birch received it.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble Servant
Buckingham & Chandos