No. 73
28th July 1868
My Lord Duke,
Your Grace's despatch No. 50 of the 24th August 1867, forwards for my "guidance" a report from the Postmaster General to the Lords Commissoners of the Treasury relative totheManuscript image the rates of postage upon letters and papers sent between the United Kingdom and British North America via the United States.
2. Your Grace directs me to bring this Report under the consideration of my Council with a view to obtaining concurrence in the recommendations of the Postmaster General.
3. Having consulted the members of the ExecutiveCouncilManuscript image Council & received unanimous assent I forwarded copy of the Duke of Montrose's letter of the 12th August 1867 for the information of the Postmaster General on the 19th of November. Since that date the proposition made has been acted on by us. Letters with English stamps are delivered free in this Colony, but it appears that in some, if not all cases, our prepaymentbyManuscript image by means of local stamps has been ignored in the United Kingdom and full postage charged.
4. If a formal acceptance of the Duke of Montrose's proposal is required I hereby tender it, with the advice of my Council. But I considered the matter settled when I sent a copy of the letter of His Grace to our local Postmaster General on the 19th ofNovemberManuscript image November last.
I have the honor to be,
My Lord Duke,
Your Grace's most obedient,
humble Servant.
Frederick Seymour
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Mr Elliot
Copy to Post Office with reference to letter to them of 12 Aug—on 8532.
And also a copy of 9931.
CC 11 Sept
Manuscript image
At once.
TFE 11 Sep
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Elliot to Secretary to the General Post Office, 23 September 1868, forwarding copy of the despatch and Seymour's subsequent despatch No. 90 of 5 August 1868 for consideration.
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