Hammond to Under-Secretary of State
August 25, 1868
I am directed by Lord Stanley to request that you will inform the Duke of Buckingham and Chandos that His Lordship communicated to the Prussian Ambassador the substance of the information containedinManuscript image in your letter of the 10th of February last, respecting the property left by J.H.C. Baar in British Columbia, and that a note has now been received from the chargé d'affaires stating that his Government has directed him to enquire, on behalf of Baar's relatives, whether Her Majesty's Government could indicate a suitablepersonManuscript image person in the Colony to whom the relatives could delegate the arrangement of the property. I am to request that you will move His Grace to enable Lord Stanley to return a reply to this application.
I am, Sir,
Your most obedient
humble servant
E. Hammond
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Mr Elliot
If this Office is to suggest anybody I think it can only be the Attorney General?
CC 26 Aug
Manuscript image
I agree. We have often recommended the Attorney Genl of the Colony in similar cases.
TFE 27/8
CBA 28/8
B&C 29/8
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Elliot to Under-Secretary of State, Foreign Office, 3 September 1868, recommending Attorney General H.P.P. Crease.