Kimberley to Elliot (Assistant Under-Secretary)
Hudsons Bay House
14th July 1868
I beg to transmit to you the accompanying Extract of a letter from Mr W.F. Tolmie the Hudsons Bay Company's principal Officer in Vancouvers Island dated Victoria 28th May 1868 in reference to the title to a lot of land in that Town known as "lot Z," which has been the subject of previous correspondence between the Colonial Office and the Company.
I also enclose a copy of a letter to Mr Tolmie dated Victoria May 27th last from Mr Lowenberg the owner of the said lot.
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By these documents you will observe that upon the title to "lot Z" there appears still some doubt in the minds of the Colonial authorities in British Columbia, although the matter was understood to have been finally settled by the Secretary of State as announced in your letter to the Governor of the Company dated November 22nd 1865.
I have therefore to request you will move His Grace the Duke of Buckingham and Chandos to instruct the Governor of British Columbia to withdraw the claim on the part of the Colonial Government to the land in question.
I have the honor to be,
Your most obedient Servant,
Minutes by CO staff
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Sir F. Rogers
It was decided by Mr Cardwell that Mr Lowenberg's claim to lot Z couldManuscript image not be impeached & on the 18 Dec Govr Seymour was informed that that decision must be adhered to.
CC 16 July
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Send this to the Govr for report adding that H.G. takes for granted that Mr Lowenberg's statements of what passed betn him and Mr Young results from some misunderstanding—as it seems incredible after the correspondence wh has passed that an officer of Govt shd have told Mr L that his title to Lot Z wd be disputed.
Ansr Lord Kimberley that his letter has been sent out to Gov Seymour for his report & that it is very unfortunate, if Mr L. considered that he had anything to complain of, that he did not address the Secy of State through the Govr, as in that case HG wd probably have been able in reply to send out some positive instructions,Manuscript image wh he is unable to do on the mere report of a conversation.
FR 18/7
CBA 20/7
B&C 20/7
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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Extract, W.F. Tolmie to W.G. Smith, Secretary, Hudson's Bay Company, 28 May 1868, relating to dispute over title to Lot Z.
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L. Lowenberg to Tolmie, 27 May 1868, reporting he had been told by the Colonial Secretary that his title "would be again disputed."
Other documents included in the file
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Adderley to Kimberley, 27 July 1868, advising that his letter would be sent to Seymour for report.
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Draft reply, Buckingham to Seymour, No. 56, 28 July 1868 transmitting a letter from Kimberley, Kimberley’s letter’s enclosures related to the title to lot Z, and Buckingham’s reply to Kimberley.