Trevor to Under-Secretary of State
Board of Trade
(Harbour Department)
Whitehall, S.W.
25th June 1868
I am directed by the Board of Trade to acknowledge your letter of the 20th instant, Enclosing a copy of a Despatch from the Governor of British Columbia explaining an alleged omission on the part of the Crown Agents to Supply the whole of the Stores for the Lighthouses (in Vancouvers Island) included in a certain Requisition made in April 1865 and also forwarding a requisition for the Supply of Lighthouse Stores.
In reply I am to request that you will move His Grace the Duke of Buckingham & Chandos to cause this Board to be informed whether the Crown Agents will be directed to pay the Expenses incurred in Supplying the articles named in the Requisition now transmitted.
I have the honor to be,
Your obedient Servant
C. Cecil Trevor
Minutes by CO staff
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Sir F. Rogers
The Colony has to provide for these Stores—the question is whether we can say the Agents will pay for them if they have no money.
CC 29/6
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Mr Cox
State that the Finances of B. Columbia are in such a state that it is impossible to be certain that their engagements will be promptly met. But that H.G. hopes that the Agents will find no difficulty in satisfying at once from funds in their hands, what appears to be not a large claim as soon as it becomes due. But first ask the Cr. Agents how they stand at this moment.
FR 30/6
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Sir F. Rogers
See 7053 recd from Crown Agents—they thought it better to write this in answer to my private enquiry as above.
CC 3 July
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It may be assumed that they will defer their payments to the Sinking Fund & that being the case they have plenty of money for the stores. Inform B of T that the money will be paid by the Agents & send copy of correspce to Agents for infn & guidance.
B&C 4/7
Other documents included in the file
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Rogers to Assistant Secretary, Harbour Department, Board of Trade, 9 July 1868, stating that the cost of the lighthouse stores would be paid by the Crown Agents.
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Rogers to Crown Agents, 9 July 1868, forwarding copy of correspondence with the governor and Board of Trade regarding lighthouse supplies for information.
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Draft reply, Buckingham to Seymour, No. 50, 16 July 1868 transmitting the reply from the “Privy Council for Trade” regarding Seymour’s “requisition for Lighthouse Stores” and informing Seymour that the Crown Agents will pay for the stores on behalf of the government of British Columbia.
Trevor, C. Cecil to Adderley, Charles Bowyer 25 June 1868, CO 60:34, no. 6682, 351. The Colonial Despatches of Vancouver Island and British Columbia 1846-1871, Edition 2.2, ed. James Hendrickson and the Colonial Despatches project. Victoria, B.C.: University of Victoria.

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