Hamilton to Under-Secretary of State
Treasury Chambers
1st August 1868
The Lords Commissoners of Her Majesty's Treasury have had before them your letter of the 25th ulto, enclosing a correspondence with the Governor of British Columbia relative to the financial condition of the Colony.
I am to state for the information of the Secretary of State that the object of the letter from this Department of June 30th last, was to express the desire of this Board that the attention of the GovernorshouldManuscript image should be again drawn to the necessity, in the interests of the Colony, that punctual remittances should be made to this country to meet the liabilities on account of the Loans—even should it be found necessary in adopting this course, to reduce the number of appointments in the Colony and the salaries attached thereto.
As it would appear however by the enclosed Despatch that the Governor is fully alive as to the necessity of retrenchment, My Lords have no further observationstoManuscript image to make on the subject.
I am, Sir,
Your obedient Servant
Geo. A. Hamilton
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Sir F. Rogers
Put by?
CC 3 Aug
Manuscript image
At once.
FR 3/8
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