No. 6
3 February 1868
I transmit to you a copy of a letter from Mr. Lowenberg respecting his claim to certain land in Vancouvers Island known as lot Z.
I have to request you to inform Mr. Lowenberg that no notice can be taken of communications not sent through the governor intheManuscript image the manner prescribed by the Colonial Regulations. At the same time however I have to refer you to my despatch No. 93 of the 18th December which will have enabled you to deal with Mr. Lowenberg's claim.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble Servant
Buckingham & Chandos
Other documents included in the file
Manuscript image
Copy, Lowenberg to the Duke of Buckingham, 9 December 1867, regarding the ownership of the property known as Lot Z in Victoria.
Manuscript image
Copy, Lowenberg to Seymour, 16 November 1867, asking Seymour to settle the question of the ownership of Lot Z in Victoria and hoping that his title to the land will not be questioned further.
Manuscript image
Copy, Seymour to Lowenberg, 27 November 1867, replying that "His Excellency awaits instructions from home in respect to the ultimate arrangement to be made in regard to Lot Z."
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Grenville, Richard

Lowenberg, Leopold

Seymour, Frederick

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Vancouver Island