No. 56
28 July 1868
With reference to the correspondence noted in the margin
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Gov: No. 125—24 Sep:/67
S.S. No. 98—18 Dec:/67
‹"‹‹ No. ‹6—3 Feb:/68
I transmit to you, for your report, a Copy of a letter which has been addressed to me by the Chairman of the HudsonsBayManuscript image Bay Company enclosing Copies of correspondence on the subject of Mr. Lowenberg's title to a lot of land in the Town of Victoria known as "Lot Z."
I take for granted that Mr. Lowenberg's statements of what passed between him and Mr. Young, the Acting Colonial Secretary result from some misunderstanding as after the correspondence which has passed on the subject of this lot of land I can hardly suppose that an Officer of the Colonial GovernmentshouldManuscript image should have told Mr. Lowenberg that his title to lot Z would be disputed by the Government.
I enclose a Copy of the answer which I have caused to be returned to the Chairman of the Hudsons Bay Company.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble Servant
Buckingham & Chandos
Other documents included in the file
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Copy, Kimberley to Elliot, 14 July 1868, stating that there is doubt in the minds of the Colonial Authorities in British Columbia regarding the ownership of Lot Z in Victoria, and requesting that the Colonial Government be instructed to withdraw their claim on the land.
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"Extract of letter from W F. Tolmie, Esq., to W. G. Smith, Esq. Secretary dated 28th May 1868."
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Copy, Lowenberg to Tolmie, 29 May 1868, asking to "have this matter fianlly settled," regarding Lot Z in Victoria, and to give Lowenberg "a title with full guarantee against all loss and damage as [he] have no title to the Land as it stands at present."
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Copy, Adderley to Kimberley, 27 July 1868, explaining that copies of correspondence regarding Lot Z will be sent to the Governor of British Columbia.