No. 4
14 January 1869
My Lord Duke,
I have the honor to forward a letter from Rear Admiral Hastings expressive of his belief that itisManuscript image is unnecessary that local brevet rank should be conferred on the Officer in command of the force stationed at San Juan.
2. I have already informed Your Grace that I did not consider my note of the 23rd of November 1868 in thelightManuscript image light of a public paper. It was carelessly written.
3. As regards the question at issue, it is not one of much importance. Mr Seward, however in applying through Mr Thornton for the indifference of the English GovernmenttoManuscript image to the appointment of Major Allen seems to have recognized the principle that the Officers Commanding the two forces on San Juan Island should be of equal rank.
4. I must venture to adhere to the opinion I expressed as to theproprietyManuscript image propriety of this arrangement, but I learn from Admiral Hastings that there are difficulties in carrying it out.
I have the honor to be,
My Lord Duke,
Your Grace's most obedient
humble Servant
Frederick Seymour
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Sir F. Rogers
See 537 & 834.
Put by.
CC 25/2
FRS 25/2
Manuscript image
I think I shd ackn. to shew that Ld G. is not going to take any notice of it.
FR 27/2
WM 1/3
G 1/3
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
Manuscript image
Admiral Hastings to Seymour, 10 January 1869, disputing the wisdom of granting the temporary rank.
Other documents included in the file
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Draft reply, Granville to Seymour, No. 19, 23 March 1869 reporting that the Foreign Office and the Admiralty agree with Hastings’s view on promoting the leading local officer on San Juan Island.