Romaine to Under-Secretary of State
6th April 1869
I am commanded by My Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to acquaint you that on the occasion of HMS "Sparrowhawk" being sent last year to visit the Northern Part of Vancouver Island to make enquiries respecting certain murders which had been committed by Indians, it became necessary to send an Interpreter who was messed at the Ward Room Mess, and at the expiration of his Services which extended over seventeen days, he was paid the sum of ten pounds, eight shillings and three pence (£10.8.3),Manuscript image being at the rate at which he is paid by the Colonial Government, and the Ward Room Mess received the sum of ten pounds four shillings (£10.4.0) for his entertainment.
As this gentleman was required on service wholly Colonial, My Lords request that Lord Granville will give the necessary directions for the account to be repaid in order that the Naval Vote may be relieved of this charge.
I am, Sir,
Your obedient Servant
W.G. Romaine
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Sir F. Sandford
Clearly a Colonial charge.
Copy to Gov. of B. Columbia desiring him to remit the amount to the Crown Agents for payment to Admiralty, & inform Admiralty.
CC 7/4
FRS 7/4
WM 7/4
G 19/4
Other documents included in the file
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Sandford to Secretary to the Admiralty, 24 April 1869, advising that the governor had been directed to forward the requisite sum.
Manuscript image
Draft reply, Granville to Seymour, No. 26, 23 April 1869.