No. 144
16th November 1870
My Lord,
With reference to Your Lordship's Circular Despatch of the 1st June, respecting the operation of the Imperial Copyright Act of 1842 as it affects persons publishing in the Colonies, I have now the honor to forward a report upon this subject from the Attorney General, which would have been forwarded muchearlierManuscript image earlier but for an unfortunate accident which caused the fracture of his right arm and prevented his attending to business for some weeks.
2. I agree with the Attorney General in thinking that the subject is one that may be postponed, so far as this Colony is concerned, as it seems now probable that very little time will elapse before British Columbia becomes part of the Dominion of Canada.
I have the honor to be,
My Lord,
Your most obedient
humble Servant
A. Musgrave
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Mr Herbert
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At once.
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George Phillippo, Attorney General, to Colonial Secretary, 9 November 1870, commenting on the "Draft of a Bill to amend the Law relating to Copyright."