Lushington to Under-Secretary of State
17th October 1870
With reference to your letter of the 11th inst. forwarding a Copy of a despatch from the Governor of British Columbia relative to Captain W.A. Delacombe commanding the Royal Marines at San Juan, being granted the local rank of Lieutenant Colonel while so employed, I am commanded by My Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to acquaint you for the informationofManuscript image of the Secretary of State for the Colonies that My Lords cannot recommend such a step.
2. Vice Admiral the Honble George Hastings the late Commander in Chief on the Station declined to entertain the same request and My Lords attach much importance to the experience gained by him while in command of the Pacific Station during a period of three years.
3. My Lords further consider that it would form an undesirable precedent to GivetheManuscript image the local rank to successive Captains of Marines of six or seven years seniority who should chance to be in Command of the detachment numbering between eighty or a hundred men. Under these Circumstances, unless the Earl of Kimberley should see any urgent reason for compliance My Lords are prepared to decline acceding to this proposition.
I am
Your obedient Servant.
Vernon Lushington
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Herbert
The Admiralty do not wish to bestow on Capt. Delacombe, commanding the Marines at San Juan, the local rank of Lieut. Colonel, unless Ld Kimberley see[s] some urgent reason to the contrary.
I am aware of no such reason. If such be the decision, inform Admiralty and Govr that the rank will not be bestowed.
RSM 18/10/70
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RGWH Oct 18/70
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Acquiesce. What is said seems reasonable.
FR 18/10
K Oct 19/70
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Herbert to Secretary to the Admiralty, 22 October 1870, advising that Kimberley sees no reason to bestow the rank.
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Draft reply, Kimberley to Musgrave, No. 30, 22 October 1870.